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Where You Can Find Any Mushroom Ranging From Edible To Instant Death Toadstools.

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    Death Mushroom
    Death Mushroom

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    How To Use MushroomCorner Empty How To Use MushroomCorner

    Post  Jojo on Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:50 am

    ♥ How To Post A Post
    - Click on the link you'd like to make a post on.
    - You will be then redirected to a new page, Click "NewTopic"
    - Fill out the form

    ♥ How To Reply/Comment To A Topic
    - Click on the post/topic you'd like to reply/comment on
    - Click "PostReply"
    - Fill out the following form. Do NOT fill out "Subject"

    ♥ How To Join A Group
    - Click "UserGroups", which is located under the banner, on the
    navigation bar
    - Find "Join A Group"
    - Find the group you'd like to join.
    - Click "View Information"
    - Click "Join Group"
    ( then your subscription will be sent to an admin who will see if you are quealified for the group )

    ♥ How To Add A Signature
    - Go To Profile
    - Click "Signature" which is located on the tabs. ( 3rd one )
    - Type in your signature/Upload your signature picture

    ♥ How To Send A Buddy Request
    - Go To Profile
    - Click "Friends and Foe"
    - In the box of "Add a friend" , type in the username of your friend

    ( the name must be exactly the same as they had on the website )

    --haf fun in Mushroom Corner

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